Benz: Mr. Aben, we have your application for Financial Managers. Can you tell us something about yourself?

Mr Aben: I’m twenty-three years. I graduated from one of Private Universities in Jakarta

Benz: Do you have previous experience in a Finance Manager?

Mr Aben: This is the first job for me but I have little experience in the Finance Manager.

Benz: Why did you decide to take a job as a Finance Manager?

Mr Aben: I think the job of Finance Manager is one of the interesting and attractive. It is a challenge and one would feel great satisfaction in achieving this.

Benz: position, what do you want?

Mr.Aben: I really want is a position of financial manager

Benz: Well, it was nice meeting you Mr. Aben. We will write to you shortly to let them know the results of your interview. Thank you Mr. Aben have come here.


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